COAL@Scott’s !!!!

Did someone say "COAL"! That's right, that word with "for sale" is something people of have asking about for a couple of years now. Read below and Thank you Scott!

Scott Hamlin is arranging for the delivery of 30 tonnes of coal out in New Ross, date to follow.

Here are the specs for the Donkin Mine coal. 11% ash, 3.5% sulfur and 12000 btu.

John MacDonald said that it was the best coal, hottest coal he has used in 25 years.


I am making arrangements to have 30 tonne landed in New Ross. I will have a tractor there to load on loose coal and I have a cousin that has a 1 ton truck with a dump body that has offered to deliver, for a reasonable fee, to anywhere in the area. 

I will also have a scale there for anyone who would like to bag their coal.

Price/tonne will be $300.00 plus applicable taxes.

I would like to arrange a COAL DAY in which we could all try to arrange to be there. I will have to rent the tractor and the location of the coal is a distance from my house. Ross Farm has spoken for 7 tonne and I would like to have 5tonne. My math tells me that there is somewhere around 18tonne remaining.I have attempted to be as fair to everyone as I can. This should work out well for all concerned. Perhaps, if need be we could do it again.

Scott Hamlin

Contact: Scotian Ironworks Facebook page or email if interested 

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