2017 Hammer-ins and other gatherings

So 2017 is here and we have some new locations this year for meets. I'm sorry I put Blair's up without getting the confirmation and unfortunately Blair will not be able to host the hammer-in this year. We look forward to another time at Blair and Martha's. So our first meet will be at Dave Leblanc's shop in June, actual date to be set in the next little while.

  After that we have a great south shore location at Carmen Fraser's shop in Dayspring in July. For those of you looking for a great event to travel to this year don't forget CanIRON XI is being hosted in BC by the Vancouver Island Blacksmith Association, with blacksmiths from the greater Vancouver area and assistance from the Kootenay Blacksmiths Association. July 4th to the 7th.  http://www.caniron.ca

In August Halifax County Exhibition has invited us once again and if anyone is interested in helping with demo's please contact JP at paradise.iron@gmail.com. 26-27 August, Greg Keith's shop will be the location for a 2 day knifemaking presentation by Ben Breda, this won't be a hands on workshop but Ben will be imparting his knowledge and wisdom.

  In September Fortress Louisbourg will have a special blacksmithing event with the focus on youth. On our calendar we have Sept 3rd but on the Parks Canada site it's the 2nd. We'll change the date when we confirm the dates. Also in September we have Oliver's first hammer-in, we're looking forward to this. And don't forget the Hant's County Fair, we've had good turnouts for demos in the past, perhaps we can do that again.

  Locations in October will be on the 14th Cole Harbour Heritage Farm Museum, on the 28th Deerhill Forge in Sussex.

  In November there's two events, the first is the 9th at  Mary E Black Gallery, Hammers & Anvils Forever, The Forgework of John Little 1970-2017. And then on the 12th we'll  have a hammer-in at Barbara Schmeisser's in Dartmouth.

As a reminder if you have photo's from events that you would like to pass along I'll be bringing equipment so they can be transferred at one of the meets or you can get hold of me and we can arrange to transfer via email or some other tool.