Blair Wheaton’s Hammer-in May 2016

Blair's hammer-in was a success, there were some new people attending, there were several demonstrations and some great pieces for show and tell. And, as ever the food was great. Blair's handle demonstrations and Tony's finishing of the handles were good. As part of the demonstration Blair made some references to Gary Huston on Youtube (see links below). Liam Bray gave a demonstration for the Ypres 2016 Poppy project as well. Check the Ypres 2016 site for more information concerning the International Blacksmiths Event in Belgium this September. I've added some links for the various source demonstrations in addition to the photo album for the hammer-in.

The links below are for 
Blair's Hammerin Photo Album.

Ypres 2016

Ypres 2016 how to make poppies.

Some of Gary Huston's videos

See you at Dave Leblanc's Hammer-in on June 5th.