Annual General Meeting

Hello Folks!

We have scheduled the AGM for Sunday April 3rd at 1pm at the Chocolate Lake Rec Centre in Halifax. The room available happens to be upstairs, with no elevator access so I do hope that doesn't make it difficult for anyone. Directors please meet there at 11am.
As mentioned previously, I have resigned the role as president over a year ago but we haven't been able to fill that role from the board so please understand that the volunteers who put time into organizing what we can are stretched pretty thin. The board will have available seat(s), please consider if you are able to volunteer in some way.
The most important aspect of this group is the hammer-ins however, and we already had Blair Wheaton volunteer to host our first hammer-in on May 1st. Details to follow but the general plan is see a demo, access the library, ironinthehat raffle of donated tools or materials, lunch and general joy and comraderie 10-4ish. 
Members can renew or join at any of the planned meetings or events. The membership is $35 for a calendar year and can be printed from the website and delivered in person or mailed in.
We will be trying to fill in the schedule for the season at the AGM and we give many thanks to Blair and all the potential demoers and hosts for making this group happen.
I look forward to seeing you all again soon,